Pamper Party Massage : Your Mobile Source of Happiness

Going to the spa to get a massage shouldn’t be more work than it has to. Yet, sometimes with all of the traffic and scheduling you have to plan in order to get to the spa, getting there can be more stressful than just staying home. Pamper Party Massage feels that everyone should get the relaxation they deserve, and that is just the reason why we have decided to come to you.

Why We Started

Our founder, Jennifer Tucker, used to work a day job at an office. Between the routine, the bad posture, and the stress she received from working in that environment, she was constantly in pain. She finally decided that enough was enough, and went and became certified in Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue massage. Because she knows that her day has always been busy, she also believes that massage should work into your schedule. Additionally, Jennifer believes that by offering massage in an already comfortable environment, the benefits that come with massage are enhanced due to deeper relaxation. We see the benefits of providing massage in your home, and we hope that you will, too.

Services We Offer

As a mobile massage company, we offer many different types of service. In addition to full Swedish and deep tissue massage, we also offer:

  • hot stone therapy
  • head massages and facials
  • reflexology
  • aromatherapy
  • thai massage
  • self-massage classes

We understand that your comfort is key to your enjoyment of the massage session. Therefore, we will warn you ahead of time if the type of massage you want requires full body contact or removal of clothing (mostly that is for Swedish and deep tissue massage). Additionally, if you are feeling uncomfortable with any of the services provided, we are trained to stop whenever you tell us to. If you end up feeling more stressed than you were before, we do offer refunds.

Lastly, we value our loyal customers, so we do have a loyalty program. For every party of 8 or more that you refer us for, you receive a complimentary full-body massage. For every two individuals you refer for an at-home massage treatment, you receive a choice of either a reflexology session or a facial. We hope that we see you for service more than once, and we hope that each time we see you it leaves you feeling less stressed.

To book a session, or for any questions related to the services we offer, please contact us. We are available 7 days a week, from 10am to 8pm each day. Thank you for your interest in Pamper Party Massage!